Melissa Angelo, MEP
Exercise Physiologist / Nutritionist

Melissa is a clinical exercise physiologist.  She obtained her Masters of Sciene in Exercise Physiology in 2004 at California State University Sacramento and her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2002 at University of Caifornia Davis.  Melissa is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and is also a certified American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Specialist and Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease and Lipid Disorder specialist.  She has had many diverse responsibilities over the years including monitoring stress tests such as exercise treadmill studies, stress echocardiograms, and nuclear myocardial perfusion studies as well as experience as a Lipid Nurse analyzing cholesterol laboratory tests and making the proper medication adjustments, diet changes, and exercise recommendations.  Her educational path has given her the knowledge to be an excellent resource for patient education regarding disease processes, nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.  These career experiences have given Melissa the opportunity to convey her enthusiasm for a healthy and active lifestyle to others.